Federico Manzo

Well Enough to Go Back to Work

Posted by: Jack Russell on: November 27, 2016

I was out of work for two and a half weeks after my accident. Of course it was really scary and for a little while I thought that I was injured a lot more seriously than it was. I do not know if I had a concussion or not, but for a few minutes I was really in a strange state. I could not tell you exactly what I did right after the accident and apparently I was behaving as though I had been knocked senseless. I saw a couple dozen doctors and then a Bakersfield chiropractor after I got out of the hospital. I am still not able to get around without crutches, but I went back to work this morning and managed to catch up with the most vital stuff that I needed to do. Of course I work for a small business and there is not any other person there who can replace me. There are only a couple dozen people working there and all of them have their own jobs to do. None of them are particularly skilled with computers and the network was a real mess. I am still not done with everything that I need to do to get back to being fully healthy. I have to go to physical therapy twice each week for a couple of months. It is not really much fun either, since they are getting me to be able to use my right left correctly after it has been busted up. I pretty much screamed out loud a couple of times the first day I went there. Obviously I want my legs to work the proper way again. It is going to take a few more trips to the chiropractor before my back is fully right. He says it has to be done gradually.