Federico Manzo

Suffering is No Way to Live

Posted by: Jack Russell on: November 27, 2016

Chiropractic medicine is considered an alternative medicine focusing on the mechanics of the musculoskeletal of the human body with a primary interest in the spine. It’s easy to take for granted the constant wear and tear that we place on our bodies. The spine and our joints are especially susceptible to the constant weight of our body, the force of gravity constantly pulling at us and the natural friction of our movements. A Vacaville chiropractor have created for themselves an important niche in medicine by offering the potential of relief from a common symptom affecting American workers; lower back pain. It’s not something that should ever be ignored as it may be a symptom of something greater than ‘simple’ workplace injuries.

I was under the impression that chiropractic practices were often seen as a last resort so imagine my surprise when my doctor suggested I visit one. Like a lot of other’s my age I’ve been dealing with a painful pressure in my lower back that extended all the way down to my thighs. I’m not one for pain medication, especially with something that might be solved with therapy, so I was more than happy to make an appointment for a visit. Maybe I’m easily impressed but after several visits that involved a combination of therapy types involving everything from nervous system stimulation with electrodes to having a massage every visit, and I’ve got to admit, those massages were my favorite part of the whole experience. I had no idea that the muscles in my back have been so tense! Feeling the muscles’s knot untangle themselves was an incredible sensation that left me gasping in pleasure. This combined with some exercises to help improve the elasticity of my muscles and return some flexibility that I had in my youth have made drastic improvements in the quality of my life.