Federico Manzo

Sharing Chiropractic Pain Relief with Others

Posted by: Jack Russell on: January 8, 2016

I do not like to see people suffer in pain needlessly. I am not a really outgoing person, but I can strike up a conversation with someone in line at the grocery store. I was in line with a man in front of me who was obviously having a backache. If you have ever had an aching back, you probably can recognize the moves a person in pain will make. They have to keep shifting their weight, and they try to lean on things such as shopping carts. I spoke up telling him about my San Jose chiropractor when he turned around and I saw his face.

You could tell by his expression there was pain. He had his head cocked to one side because of the neck and shoulder pain with his upper back hurting. He asked me if it was that obvious that he was hurting. I told him it was to me at least, because I know what it is like to have back pain. I told him how my San Jose chiropractor has helped me get over the worst of it and through the rough times when it tries to creep in and hurt again.

Many people with back pain have it as a chronic condition. I go for months without any trouble, then I do something to hurt my back again. It will hurt for at least weeks if I do not go back to my chiropractor. That is where I often get immediate relief. However, I do go back for the recommended amount of sessions to help me rebuild strength in the affected muscles as well as having my spinal alignment adjusted. I have had upper and lower back pain and even that throbbing and burning sciatica pain. I get relief by going to my chiropractor at the beginning of any pain cycle.