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Regret Has Me Looking for a Herpes Cure

Posted by: Jack Russell on: February 27, 2014

Herpes Treatment | How “Stop Herpes Now” Helps People Get Rid of ...The outbreaks had begun again after me not having any for about five years or so. When I first got herpes, I had a terrible outbreak of sores. They got really bad and were so painful I needed to take medications just to be able to move. It was excruciatingly painful where the sores were. It took several weeks for them to clear. My doctor put me on a viral suppression medication right away. I took it for two years before tapering off the drug. Now I am still hoping for a herpes cure, but even a good therapy or treatment to suppress outbreaks would be helpful right now.

This virus seems to me to be opportunistic when it comes to outbreaks. I have not had a problem for three years since I stopped the viral suppression herpes medication. Then I ended up getting the flu and shortly after recovering from the flu I had to have surgery to remove my infected appendix. I was on IV antibiotics, and then I got a bacterial proliferation of bad bacteria in my gut that lead to being really ill with diarrhea.