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If You Compete in Sports, You Probably Should Have an Ongoing Relationship with a Good Chiropractor

Posted by: Jack Russell on: January 18, 2017

Playing sports comes with pain and injuries. It is unlikely to have any career, even a hobby career, in sports without ever having an injury. Even your average fisherman gets stuck with a hook at least once. However, some injuries are more serious than others. Contact sports can be particularly brutal. I participate in amateur kickboxing, and I have medical doctors and Sacramento chiropractors managing my care on an ongoing basis. For athletes that play at a pro intensity, it is an ongoing thing to measure risk and manage injuries.

When you get hurt, you need to heal. That includes therapies and rehabilitation. Most of it is on an accelerated scale. Is there long term damage to be concerned about? Yes, there is. However, it is risk that is accepted by the athlete for performing in the sport. This really becomes an issue when you start to earn money at it. Even though I am an amateur competitor, there are still prizes and prize money for some competitions I am a part of. Now I am wanting to go fully pro, and I need to make sure my body is even more fit.

I am an athlete, and I am fast and strong. We have a certain bravado when competing, but we know our limitations and weaknesses. My back has always given me some trouble, and I rely on my Sacramento chiropractors to keep me competing. I don’t let my back problems knock me out of the game, I just learned how to manage the problem to keep it from interfering any more than it must. I go proactively to my chiropractor for treatments before and after competitions. I even learn what muscles need strengthening in my back to help me with the nerve impingement I experience. Getting my back adjusted before and after competitions is now routine for me.