Federico Manzo

Hurt My Back on the Golf Course

Posted by: Jack Russell on: December 10, 2016

It was really beautiful, just as it always is down in the desert. At least it is always beautiful down here so long as you are always close to the shade and you have lots of ice and hydration. I was having a great day on the course, aside from hitting the ball well I was getting all of the bounces too. There was a Phoenix chiropractor in the next group when it happened. I finally hit a bad shot which landed right under the lip of a sand trap. I was standing in loose sand on a steep incline. My back leg gave away when I swung. It was really rather embarrassing as the ball struck the lip and rolled backwards as I was falling down. In fact it took me a good long while to get back on my feet and I knew right away that something was not quite right.

It was just incredibly fortunate that this chiropractor was playing behind us. I suppose that he wanted me to get up and get out of the way so that they could tee off, but at any rate he walked up and examined me. Then he asked if I would sue him if he did not fix it. I shrugged and said something smart alec. At any rate he guessed at what to do and I could feel this sharp pain at first, but then that went away and I realized that he had done a great job of fixing it. I asked him what I owed him and he gave me his office phone number. He told me I needed to come and get a proper exam to be sure that it would not get any worse. Of course I was going to leave there in a couple of hours.