Federico Manzo

How Much Money Do People Spend on Herbal Remedies?

Posted by: Jack Russell on: October 16, 2014

How much money do people spend on herbal remedies? I am mostly thinking about weight loss remedies, but there are a lot of others. For example there is this stuff that is called Jamaican stone and it is supposed to be a remedy for sexual problems. You are supposed to rub this weird looking stuff on the penis and the result is allegedly that you will cease to have problems in the endurance and performance area. I have no idea if it works or not and obviously not every person has heard of it. Just as a base line, you can think about Viagra. You have heard of that stuff and you know that it works. Every person in the world agrees that it works, although perhaps it does not work for all of the people who have these sorts of problems.

At any rate the point is that if it did not work every body would know it and if it does they will find out. It apparently was originally discovered by accident, the fact that Viagra had this effect. It was supposed to used for some other purpose, but the people in the test came back and told the scientists in charge of the trials about the side effect that it had. I would guess that a lot of them asked for more of the stuff. I never hear people say that this weight loss drug works and that you should definitely try it. In fact if any of that stuff really worked you can be sure that it would be well known. If it helped one person they would tell two people or ten people. Then if it worked for those people they would turn around and tell a bunch of other people until every one was skinny.